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High Performance Cycling

Since 2008, Cascade Bicycle Club’s High Performance Cycling Team (HPC) has occupied a special niche within Seattle’s cycling community. The team appeals to riders who are interested in developing their fitness and skills with a focus on group riding skills. HPC is a team for cyclists who have a desire to become fitter, faster cyclists without a focus on racing. High Performance Cycling is well-regarded as a team that rides hard while practicing safe group-riding skills. 
HPC is a perfect fit for riders who are:
  • Committed to improving their fitness and cycling skills and who want to ride with experienced cyclists
  • Comfortable with, or desire to master pace line and group riding techniques
  • Looking for compatible cycling buddies who regularly do long, scenic, challenging rides
  • Able to or desire to ride at 18 mph or faster 
  • Capable of riding over 50 miles
HPC has over 120 adult members with a wide age range who live throughout the Puget Sound area. HPC members target challenging event rides including the Chelan Century, Flying Wheels, STP in one day, RAMROD, and the High Pass Challenge. The pace of the team’s weekly rides ranges from 18 to 23+ mph. Distances vary from 30 to 100+ miles.
For 2016 there are no team dues. Membership in the Cascade Bicycle Club is required and members must purchase a team jersey (available at Center Cycle) to wear on group rides. The team periodically hosts a “Meet The Team Ride” starting from Center Cycle. This ride is done at a social pace of 16-18 mph. This gives riders a chance to get to know the team and ask questions.  See “Rides and Events” or Daily Rides at for specific dates and times.  To learn more about HPC go to:

Team Group Health

About Team Group Health:

Team Group Health is a competitive women’s cycling team based in Seattle. Our objective is to promote women’s health, fitness and competitive spirit through bicycle racing. We’re one of the largest women’s cycling teams in the Pacific Northwest; with over 70 members, our team is a veritable force whenever the rubber meets the road, the track and the dirt.

Our goal is to promote and develop the sport of cycling among women in the PNW. We encourage teammates to participate in local, regional and national cycling competitions. We’re passionate about investing time to educate and train our members, as well as the community at large about the sport of cycling. You’ll also find us volunteering in the cycling community and at cycling-related events. Our focus on women allows us to direct our resources and energies on achieving new horizons for women in the sport of cycling, as well as differentiating ourselves amongst other NW teams.

Learn more at:


The Garage


The Garage Cycling team  is an exclusive group of approximately 50 riders with one goal in mind: work as a team to put a Garage rider on the podium. Garage Cycling team gets their name from the main sponsor, Garage Billiards, located in the Capitol Hill area of downtown Seattle. The Garage is a billiards and bowling club that also hosts an extensive bar and great food. Look for the Garage riders ripping up the results this year! They will be traveling to most of the road races around the Pacific Northwest and can be seen at cyclocross, track and even some mountain bike races. 

Mafia Racing Northwest

The Mafia Racing Team is composed of both males and females with a nationally competing 15 athlete pro roster and 4 USA regional teams – West Coast, Mountain Region, South West, and North West. Each team may host up to 30 riders. Our teams travel throughout North America to compete in mountain bike, cyclo-cross, off-road triathlons, and even some road cycling and running races.

Center Cycle sponsors the Northwest Regional team. Visit them on Facebook for more information!

3GA Ascent

3GA Ascent Bicycle Club is a group of road cycling enthusiasts located in Southeast King County, Washington State. Our club has a set of core beliefs:

  • Promote the sport of bicycling
  • Meeting new people
  • Give back to our community

As our core beliefs state, we are open to all skill levels of riders. So whether you are new to cycling or looking to improve your skill, we hope you will consider joining our club.

For more information, visit their home page!

Team Double Check

 Team members actively compete in cyclocross, mountain bike and road events. The Team organizes group mountain and road rides. The Team promotes the Labor Day Cyclocross Championship to celebrate the start of cyclocross season. Team Double Check is a 501c 4 non-profit corporation. It has an active Board of Directors and holds an annual meeting each year to plan team/club activities.

For more information on Team Double Check, visit their Facebook page! 

Epic Racing is a new team with a strong heritage of winning and cycling advocacy. While the team may be new, many of the members and management have been together for years. We are a highly experienced and talented team looking to get back to the grass roots atmosphere that attracted us to racing. The quality of our team members is a testament to the quality experience that Epic Racing provides.

Our members have a strong history of success that immediately positions Epic Racing as the premier mountain bike racing organization in the Northwest. Team members compete in regional, national and international events. The results are impressive.

Interested in more about Epic Racing? Visit them on their website!